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Turtle’s Treasures opened in March of 2011 and has been the destination for treasure hunters from around the world since. We strive to provide an exciting and joyous experience for all of our customers as they hunt and pick through the eclectic plunder to find that perfect item for their home or office. We have over 10,000 sq ft of fun and adventure filled with everything from antique to contemporary furniture and accessories. We also have a wide variety of collectibles ranging from vintage advertising, primitives, toys and more.

We have been treasure hunters and pickers since we were little kids and decided to share the experience with more and more people by making our finds available to everyone. We also believe in the importance of recycling and re-using items of all different varieties. We provide rehabbers and fellow dealers with the opportunity to purchase great pieces at affordable prices so they can be re-finished, resold, and re-utilized in a new environment. We love to take old items and update them into more modern and useful items.

We offer special discount programs for interior designers and resellers. Because sharing the abundance that is the natural order of the universe is one of our core philosophies. We also work with a large number of charities throughout the state and country to assist in providing furnishings as needed as well as financial support.

In addition to selling some of the most unique and interesting treasures still available on the market today, we assist people with the liquidation of estates as well as a single item or two. If you are interested in consigning or selling yours or a family member’s estate and just want to turn some unwanted clutter into cash; please give us a call at 602-374-8317.

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