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Where did license plates come from and why do we have them? License plates are required for every car in the country today, but there was a time when automobiles first appeared on the road that license plates didn’t exist. The first state license plates were issued in the state of Massachusetts in 1903. Originally the state of New York required license plates on vehicles in 1901, which were generally made by individual car owners and sported their personal initials.   The original Massachusetts plates were a background of cobalt blue with white letters and the plate were made of iron and covered in porcelain enamel.

Today many countries require license plates on vehicles. License plates in other countries such as England and Australia are referred to as “number plates”. License plates or number plates are metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle, farm tractor, or trailer to officially identify the vehicle. The number is registered with a state and/or national database using an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the vehicle for that region. Some of the earliest license plates were made of leather and attached to vehicles.

Ok so that’s technically why we have license plates, but we all have turned license plates into to a much more fun and joyous pursuit. License plate collecting has become one of the biggest things collected by collectors to date. License plates have been used to decorate bars, man caves, restaurants, and more. People will collect a birth run of plates which is a license plate from every state that was issued in the year of their birth. Other folks like collecting just antique plates that were produced at the beginning of the 20th Century. While others like to collect a license plate from every state and/or country that they have visited. Recently there have been a lot of crafters that have started using various license plates to cut up different letters or numbers to arrange their favorite poems, song lyrics, or prayers.

Whatever your interest in license plates please stop in at Turtle’s Treasures Consignment and Re-Sale Store and do some treasure hunting. You are sure to find that special treasure you have been on the hunt for. If we don’t have it we will help you find it as we have connections with collectors all over the world.



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