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These are but a few of the things we currently have in our store. We get new and unusual items all the time. So what may be here this week may be entirely different next week. So if you keep coming back you’ll eventually find what you are looking for. We thrive on things you don’t find just anywhere. We strive to have an eclectic assortment for you to choose from.  This is not meant to be your average run of the mill store but something completely different. So come on down and check us out! Store Hours Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm Closed on Sunday.

Antique Furniture     Vintage Signs       Sports Collectibles  


When it comes time to liquidate an estate or just trim some clutter please give us a call. We have a very liberal consignment rate of 50%-50%. Please bring your friends and family as all are welcome. We assist people to get cash out of their items without having to put themselves out to do it. Why bother with being nickled and dimed to at a garage sale when we can turn you stuff into cash for you. Do you really want strangers coming to your home. We take consignments on a 50%-50% split. We pay the overhead, you reap the benefits. Our customers love it because they get great deals on high quality items. It’s a win-win for everyone. So come on down today! We’ll keep the coffee warm for you.


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